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Central Bank Wire Transfer and Routing Number

    Central Bank Wire Transfer

    Central Bank was founded in 1902. The Bank is a St. Louis state-chartered savings bank. Its headquarters is in Illinois, US. Wherever you travel, you can access and manage your bank accounts, online via your PC or any computer connected to the Internet.

    Central Bank Wire transfer is a fast and secure mode of receiving money in your Bank account. You are allowed to receive money from within the country i.e. USA (Domestic Wire Transfers) or from some other country (International Wire Transfer). The transaction needs to be started by a sender via a financial institution, but still, you need to provide banking details to the sender for successful transfer completion.

    It provides increased security to send and receive payments with no risk-return. You are able to initiate, approve, originate or release a wire transfer. It has various benefits like the speed of settlement, the ability to confirm receipt quickly, delegated administration, and multiple security solutions.

    Central Bank Routing Number

    To receive wire transfers using City National Bank Account, you need to provide his or her branch routing number.

    Here is the list of routing numbers for various states:

    • 081501489 – Audrain County
    • 081500859 –  Boone County
    • 081518375 – Branson
    • 086500634 – Jefferson City
    • 081509070 – Lake of the Ozarks
    • 101201892 – Midwest
    • 086501578 – Jefferson Bank
    • 081500749 – Moberly
    • 103912723 – Oklahoma
    • 086518477 – Ozarks
    • 101902052 – Sedalia
    • 081004601 – St. Louis
    • 101904911 – Warrensburg

    Where is the Bank Routing Number on the checks?

    It is located at the bottom of the check.

    How to Wire Money

    City National Bank enables the customers to send and receive money through Domestic and International Wire Transfers. You need to have a SWIFT code to receive money via international transfer.

    Domestic Wire Transfer

    Your transaction through Domestic Wire helps you in completing the transaction within 24 hours. You need to have the following information while transferring funds:

    • Bank Name – Central Bank
    • Routing Number – 086500634
    • Address of Bank – Jefferson City, MO
    • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
    • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your full Central Bank account number

    Central Bank International Wire Transfer

    An international wire transfer into your City National Bank account is possible through an international intermediary bank.

    The following details are needed by the sender if you want to receive international wire transfers.

    • Beneficiary Bank – Central Bank
    • Routing Number – 086500634
    • Address of Bank – Jefferson City, MO
    • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears in your statement
    • Customer’s Account Number – Your full Central Bank account number

    Wire Transfer Fees for City National Bank

    Domestic Wire Transfers & International Wire Transfers- contact the bank officials at 816-525-5300 for assistance as the charges vary from time to time.