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FMB Bank Online Banking Login

    FMB Bank Online Banking Login

    Farmers and Merchants Bank is a community-based bank with over 100 years of providing community banking service. FMB Bank was founded in 1907 with headquarters in California.

    FMB Bank Online Banking Login Services, you can turn your laptop or smartphone into a personal FMB branch and in the process save plenty of time. FMB Bank Online Banking is secure, simple, and completely reliable. To enjoy the online banking service, you must register. The following guide will take you through the steps FMB Bank customers follow to log in, reset or recover forgotten login credentials and enroll in online banking.

    FMB Bank Online Banking Login

    Personal account holders in FMB Bank are able to access their online banking accounts after submitting their online banking credentials. Follow these steps to log in:

    Step 1: Click to access the FMB Bank Online Banking website.

    Step 2: In the login box, key in your User ID and password.

    FMB Internet Banking Login

    Step 3: Click on ‘Login’ to continue.

    Once authorized, you can carry on with your online banking activities and enjoy the services provided.

    Forgotten username/password?

    Have problems recalled your password? These instructions are meant for you.

    Step 1: Open the website of the bank.

    Step 2: Fill in the User ID and password in the login box.

    Step 3: When the login credential gets failed you will be directed to the next page.

    Step 4: Click on the ‘Forgot your password’ link.

    FMB Forgot Username or Password

    Step 5: To recover the password, click on ‘Click here to receive a new password’.

    An email will be sent to you with a temporary password.

    Enroll for FMB Bank Login

    Only individuals who have accounts in FMB Bank can enroll in the bank’s online banking service. To enroll, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Go to the homepage of the bank’s website.

    Step 2: Click on ‘Enroll Today’ below the Online Login Section.

    Step 3: Now, click on ‘Online Application’ link to download the registration form.

    Step 4: Fill in the requested information including company name (for business), first name, last name, and address, city, state, email and account number.

    Step 5: Click on ‘Submit’ button to proceed.

    You will be directed to the remaining process. After processing your application, you will get a confirmation email with a link. Click on the link to verify your identity.

    Manage your FMB Bank Online Account

    • Pay bills.
    • Receive notifications.
    • Set up email alerts.
    • View account information.
    • Customer support.

    FMB Bank Hours of Operations

    Mon 7am-9pm
    Tue 7am-9pm
    Wed 7am-9pm
    Thurs 7am-9pm
    Fri 7am-9pm
    Sat 8am-9pm
    Sun 8am-5pm, PT

    FMB Bank Customer Support and other Information

    Address  P.O. Box 1370
    Long Beach, CA  90801-1370
    Phone Number  (866) 437-0011
    Customer Support Email  [email protected]
    Mobile Apps iOS App
    Android App
    Report Lost/Stolen Card  Debit Card- (800) 556-5678)
     Credit Card- (800) 556-5678
    Social Media: YouTube