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JCPenney Credit Card Login, payment and customer service

    J.C. Penney Credit Card Login

    JCPenny Company is a multinational departmental store founded in 1902 with headquarters in Texas, United States. The company’s credit card allows customers to buy products at any of their outlets and they can also manage their credit cards online.

    JCPenny Credit Card Login enables customers to buy all products relating to J.C. Penny, and now, the credit card provider is offering online services where credit card holders can create an online account and manage their credit cards via the internet. Here is a guide to walk you through easy steps that will help you log in to your online account, reset your password, and register an online account.

    JCPenney Credit Card Login

    Logging in is basically the simplest part of the online services offered by J.C. Penny Credit Card. But you must have registered an online account to reach here. Follow these steps to log in to your online account:

    Step 1: Open in your web browser.

    Step 2: Key in your User ID in the login section.

    Step 3: Click on ‘Secure Login’ to continue.

    J.C. Penney Credit Card payment

    Step 4: On the next page, enter your password to proceed.

    If your login credentials are correct, you will be directed to your online account’s dashboard.

    How to reset your password

    You can reset your password in a few simple steps to continue accessing your online account. The credit card provider has a website with an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to easily reset their passwords. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    Step 1: Go to the main page and enter your User ID in the given field.

    Step 2: Click on ‘Look up my User ID and reset my password’ beneath the login area.

    Step 3: Now, key in your account number and click on ‘Next’ to continue.

    If your details are correct you will be able to renew your password and sign in to your online account.

    Register for J.C. Penney Credit Card Login

    If you are looking to take advantage of all the benefits that come with having an online account for your J.C. Penny Credit Card then you should create an account. If you are unsure, we will show you how to enroll.

    Step 1: Navigate to the main page of the website.

    Step 2: Beneath the login area, click on ‘Register here’.

    JC Penny credit card apply

    Step 3: On the next page, enter your account number.

    Step 4: Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

    Follow the three additional steps to complete account enrollment, including security questions, Agreements, and. You will receive confirmation your account has been created and you will be able to access it online.

    Apply for a JCPenny Credit card:

    If you are looking to get one of the JCPenny credit cards, then you can easily for it via the website. Visit and proceed by providing your SSN and mobile number.

    JCPenny credit card Payment:

    You can easily pay your monthly bills toward your credit card at the store, but if you are looking to pay at the convenience of your location then JC Penny has enabled many payment options. The easiest one is signing in to the portal as explained above and browsing the payment section of the customer dashboard to make a payment.

    People who are willing to pay via checks then address them to :

    P.O. Box 960090
    Orlando, FL 32896-0090

    Manage your J.C. Penny Credit Card Online Account

        • Paying your bills
        • Checking your account balance
        • Reporting a lost or stolen credit card
        • Online customer support

    JCPenney Credit Card Information

    • Credit Card Type Visa
      APR Rate 26.99%
      Cash Advance Rate N/A
      Late Payment Fee $37
      Annual Fee $0
      Phone Support 95.800.222.6161
      Address SYNCB P.O. Box 965009 Orlando, FL 32896-5009

      Manage your J.C. Penney Online Account:

        • Payment of bills.
        • Transaction history.
        • Print statements.
        • Set up alerts and reminders.