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Kohl’s Credit Card Login, bill payment and customer service

    Kohl’s Credit Card Online Login

    Kohl’s Credit Card Login has online services that allow their customers to manage the activities of their credit cards from anywhere provided they are connected to the internet. The credit card company has a safe and secure platform where customers can log in anytime using their username and password. If you are interested, continue reading this guide to learn more about how you can log in, reset your password, and register.

    The Kohl’s Corporation is an American departmental store founded in 1962 and headquartered in Maxwell Kohl. It is the second-largest department store by retail sales in the United States.

    Kohl’s credit card login

    Logging into Kohl’s credit online account is as simple as logging into any other online account. You will only need your Login ID and password. Follow these steps to log in to your online account:

    Step 1: Access using your web browser.

    Step 2: In the Login section, enter your username and password.

    Kohl’s Credit Card Online Login, bill payment and customer service

    Step 3: Click ‘Submit’ to continue.

    You will be directed to your online account dashboard if your login credentials are correct.

    Forgotten Password?

    You can reset your password in a few simple steps to continue accessing your online account. The credit card provider has a website with an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to reset their passwords easily. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    Step 1: Go to the main page.

    Step 2: Click on ‘Forgot Password’ beneath the login panel.

    Kohl’s Credit Card Online Payment

    Step 3: Key in your username and last 4 digits of SSN (Social Security Number).

    Step 4: Click ‘Next’ to recover the password.

    If your credentials are correct, follow the following two steps to complete password renewal, including selecting your new password and confirming the update.

    How to Register for Kohl’s Credit Online Banking?

    If you are looking to take advantage of all the benefits of having an online account for your Kohl’s Credit Card, you should create an account. If you are unsure, we will show you how to enroll.

    Step 1: Navigate to the main page.

    Step 2: Enter your credit card number in the Register Now section.

    Step 3: Follow any additional steps required by Kohl’s Bank to complete your registration for an online banking account, including selecting your user ID and password, and security questions, until you receive confirmation the process was completed.

    Manage your Kohl’s Credit Card Online Banking

    • Pay bills.
    • Print statements.
    • View transactions.
    • Customer support.
    • Increase the limit of a credit card.

    Kohl’s Credit Card Payment:

    You can pay your credit card payment online or call 855-564-5748 and follow the IVR instruction to provide verification details and bank account details to make the payment. You can send checks as payment to :

    P.O. Box 60043
    City of Industry, CA 91716


    P.O. Box 1456
    Charlotte, NC 28201

    Kohl’s Credit Card Information

    Credit Card Type Visa
    APR Rate 24.49% (V)
    Cash Advance Rate N/A
    Late Payment Fee $37
    Annual Fee $0
    Phone Support (855)-564-5748
    Address Kohl’s Payment Center Po Box 2983 Milwaukee, WI 532012983

    Manage your Kohl’s Online Account:

    • Payment of bills.
    • Transaction history.
    • Print statements.
    • Set up alerts and reminders.